Quo wake up after Avaya CallPilot the first time to check the mail, know the Isabella flight is ten o clock to the time, looked at only eight alarm clock, she was finally assured. Carefully to their own to clean.up a bit, Lin Qiao took the woods out of the door, sitting in the car, Linzi Hao looked at her like a new look, some curious said Mom, you are going and father Dating Is not it Zai Zai, how can you ask Lin Qiao some strange, hard to do before the Mu said what Or else how Zai Zai how such a thought Mom today to wear a good look, not to see my father Lin Zihao pointed to Lin Qiao s clothes could not help but asked. No It was because of this, Lin Qiao could not help laughing, Mom forgot to tell you, Isabella to come back. Is it true Linzi Hao was very happy, because Isabella and his get along.very well, Isabella to come back, so happy Because Isabella did not want Lin Zijao called her aunt, Avaya CallPilot it exam but she and Lin Qiao is a good sister, so finally Avaya Certification in the strong recommendation of Isabella, will speak the woods will only pay her n

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
6303.1 Avaya CallPilot(TM) Implementation Exam Avaya Avaya CallPilot
7304.1 Avaya CallPilot(TM) Maintenance Exam Avaya Avaya CallPilot