Yan Ran basically disdain Nanyang complex Ming. It touches the side of the Nanyang Shuzhe, looks elegant gentleman, Chen Ning of the appearance, gentle, not so utilitarian, not those effort, but is and Gu Yanran heart. This is what is Gu Yanran Gu Originally absent minded Nanyang Shuzhe heard Nanyang complex Ming mouth Miss Gu, suddenly determined to see Gu Yanran, eyes clear, no tours, no blasphemy means. Body 13. Chapter 13 Feeling 2 Gu Yanran did not answer the words of Nanyang Shuzhe, but it is a water Lingling eyes staring at him, Nanyang Shuzhe see out of God, until Nanyang re Ming pull pull his sleeve, he was slow to God. Today saw, really extraordinary. Nanyang CCA-V Shuzhe respectful Baoquan a grip. Two princes, polite. Gu Yan Ran a little back to his sent.ence, tone than Nanyang complex Ming polite more. Miss Citrix Certification Gu busy in what Could it be busy to Miss Gu two detoxification Nanyang complex CCA-V it exam Ming is still not angry not angry said. Gu Yanran heart Lengheng soon, it really is only a fox, his words and deeds, has long been his close surveillance, but the surface is not tepid, can not see th

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