eyes wet silence tears, Lei Yunzheng heart blunt a blunt pain, like drowned into her eyes can not breathe. Pain with a proud tone of your gran. dchildren at this time as if the sugar is generally sweet, because of tears and with a husky crying, lovely and attractive. If it is usual, Lei Yunzheng will be this soft cotton with a tearful voice CCIE Service Provider it exam to get the apex tremble. But now, apes, of course, is shaking, but distressed. His little son can never be so weak ah Lei Yunzheng raised his hand gently wiped the warm face of tears where the pain Stomach. Warm trembling replied. Lei Yunzheng hand tried to try the temperature of the teapot, a little cool called Fulu to change t. he hot water it. Yes, did not see , Did not eat, do not change. Warm one by one to answer the question of Lei Yunzheng. Sick how can not see the doctor. Lei Yunzheng do not agree with the frown. Just do not want to, said the warmth of the way. I do CCIE Service Provider not want to want to do You think I do not want to see Cisco Certification the doctor ah Do you think I am willing to endure this pain I am not self militant Warm burst of grievances,

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider